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not refunded (return trip/10 One Way where one or several trips have been used). Stockholm City, flygbussarna buses between Stockholm Arlanda and the Stockholm city centre run every ten minutes during most of the day. It is your responsibility. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches are entitled to check the validity of the ticket. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches reserves the right to reject and deny luggage if special reasons exist. For more information about coach travel from the airport or concerning Stockholm Arlanda Airport busses, please visit the airports official website at /en. Transfer Busses from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. There are also buses to and from Märsta, Rotebro, Östra Steninge, Enköping, Knutby, Knivsta, Umeå, Karlstad, Sundsvall, Hudiksvall and Söderhamn look up your trip in the travel planner.

It is important to ensure that the right luggage is collected when leaving the coach. This also applies if you are travelling at a discounted price but are not able to prove your right to the discount. You are entitled to cancel your purchase of these passes if Flygbussarna Airport Coaches changes the terms conditions of travel after the passes have been purchased. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches run up to every 20 minutes between Arlanda and Liljeholmen in both directions. Luggage, delicate luggage should be well protected. All passengers travelling with Flygbussarna Airport Coaches must be able to present a valid ticket while they are on the bus. Animals must be on a leash or in a cage. A ticket cannot be refunded if it has expired by the time it arrives at Customer Services. Requesting compensation, in order to request compensation, you must send in all the original receipts by regular mail. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches do not compensate for scratches, stains, dirt or dents on bags since it is considered normal wear and tear of a bag.

You are personally responsible for ensuring that the information on the ticket matches the intended trip. Old Flygbusbussarna tickets without validity date are not valid on the bus. 18 runs between Arlanda Airport and hotels in central Stockholm. 03.0005.00 (sex turer per timme. Bulky items such as surfboards, ski equipment and alike are permitted when space is available. In the event of police checks, it is the traveller who may suffer legal penalties. Då kan du ta vår busstransfer som går direkt till din nya terminal utan att behöva passera säkerhetskontrollen igen.

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