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dinner tomorrow, because of the Smålands nation meeting. Lund has two conference rooms. Live From Club.A.D.

05/18/15 Deliciuos sweet potato and aubergine moussaka! If you want to help us be a bit more regular in our dinner, please tell everyone you know who likes for example cooking or just hanging around for a couple of hours on monday nights, that we would love some more people! 19.00 at Smålands nation. Our Rooms: Guests of The More Hotel. For one person with seperate areas for: Kitchenette with refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, kitchen utensils and connected dining area Bedroom with a bed, size 120cm Living room with an armchair Bathroom with modern decor, tiled walls and a shower Studio Standard: Up to 40 square. You can also order coffebreaks and lunch.

Gör det ni också så ses vi till hösten! We're back for one last dinner before christmas. Just nu är det lite knapert på folk och vi söker efter fler som är sugna på att vara med och laga mat.

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