50 Tips and Trick Smartphone Android

android1 150x150 50 Tips and Trick Smartphone AndroidThese tips are mostly for Android version 2.1, which is by far the most common form of OS out there today – but many suggestions will also work on older versions and newer varieties of boutique and they skinned by some device makers hard.

1. Activate the Power Strip Android

The most important feature in Android 2.1 is a built-in power strip widget. Here, you can quickly remove all the phone’s battery-destroying features, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS Batter Great Killer. Long-press on the screen and install it via category widget.

2. Android calls filtering

If you are paranoid call-screener, Android is there for you. Opening the current Contact record you avoid, then select Menu> Options. From here you can do a ping to all incoming calls from this person directly to voicemail. Give people off with Android.

3. Setup a custom ringtone dialing

Or, if you want to talk to people, the same screen allows you to allocate specific custom ringtone for each caller stored in your Contacts directory.

4. Add your alarm clock for your task

A classic mistake, this. We constantly talk about the importance of (debatable) of using the task manager for Android maximize battery life, and if you want to go down that route you received. However, when it kills all your job to save battery life, remember that your alarm clock is a task in itself – kill it and you’ll wake up in a panic at 10:15 tomorrow morning.

5. Organize things into folders

While Steve Jobs may have recently made quite a big deal about letting users IOS organize things into folders, Android has been doing it for ages. Fancy a quick Home screen shortcut to star in your favorite contact? Long-press the Home screen and make it so.

6. Change the folder name Android

And, once you do that, to adjust things to perfection it is possible to rename folders. Simply open the folder, then long-press on the name on the top bar to open the field to change the name of Top Secret.

7. Check the date

Probably one of the smallest features are documented facility inspection date. Press notification bar at the left of the screen. It tells you what that date. Come on, try it. It will.

8. Mount your SD card

Also be accessed via the Notification area is the ‘mount’ option. Many a newcomer Android has failed at this hurdle, as the SD card mounting your cell phone is awkward steps that need to be taken before it will appear as an external drive to copy the data. Install, mount it, then copy.

9. Set your keyboard shortcut

One reason why many people still love their QWERTY keyboard is the inclusion of Google’s system keyboard shortcuts that old reliable in Android. This phone has a collection of shortcuts are fully customizable application launcher, which is found under Application Settings>> Quick

10. Download wallpaper Android

One thing that makes Android 2.1 a bit more swish and attractive than the previous version is rather boring is support for Live Wallpapers – animates the image format that takes you to the Home screen of life. There is a battery negligible hit to do it, but in return you get a phone that looks cool. That’s what life’s all about, right? Search Android Market for Live Wallpaper – there are many.

11. Easily zoom

A tiny little feature, this, but one that is super useful if you use a fifth of your Home screen – or a custom user interface that offers more. Tapping on the dots next to the dock at the bottom of the screen displays a list of mini-thumbnails of all the Home screen, allowing you to get from Screen 1 to Screen 5 without wearing grooves into the surface of your screen.

12. Add shortcuts Android Navigation

Android 2.1 allows local users to set short-cuts to Navigation Maps satnav app. As long as you have one of the latest update Google Maps, you can choose one of your route and attach directly to the Navigation shortcuts on the Home screen – creating a one-hit launcher for your favorite trip.

13. Set you double-tap zoom level

On phones that do not support multi-touch zoom, you can take more control of your web browsing zoom through the browser settings page. Change your view to ‘Close’ if you want the page to fly right into extreme close when you double-tap the screen, or leave it to ‘Away’ when you’re happy planting in the text just a little closer when you double-tap.

14. Change the font size of the Android browser

From the same menu you can also choose the font size of your browser. Your personal settings are ideal will vary depending on screen size, resolution and eye sight, but a few minutes getting it set up so that the page is read directly will save you many hours of cumulative resizing for years to come.

15. Find web pages

Menu>> Discover More on page lets you search for the term specified text on a web page, if you can not be bothered to read it correctly as the author intended.

16. Practise your voice robot

Android 2.1 features voice-input for any text field. Which is good, although the delay for ‘processing’ – and often little left of the field – meaning it’s usually faster to just bite the bullet and type things. Remember to say ‘comma’ to tell it to insert a comma. Full stop.

17. Add a word to the dictionary Android

This is a useful feature should be screaming about the sticker on the phone when you are removing from the box. If you have worked through life with the family name of a difficult-to-spell, type the text once to the field of your Android phone – then long-press on the area of ??the suggested word. This added to the dictionary, so you’ll never have to type more than a few characters of the name fool you again.

18. Sign up for an account Picasa

Google’s online picture-sharing tool may have failed to capture the public imagination in the same way as Flickr, but there’s one good reason to register one yourself – Android 2.1 ‘s 3D gallery can auto-sync your photos with Picasa account you. Photo sharing works both ways, so you must disable synchronization if you do not want all your web galleries appear on your phone.

19. Web download image

If you’ve ever seen one funny pictures on the internet, long-pressing this allows you to download to your phone – and it will pop up in your gallery for easy sharing.

20. Manage your call log Android

It’s very easy to remove any item from the Android log on to make and receive calls – just long-press items and remove them. Then sleep more easily.

21. Facebook and photo

If you combine the official Android app Android with Facebook, be possible to automatically pull in the photo to contact you through Facebook. You can also create folders up a specific phone book on the Home page, keep the internet and friends are completely separate.

22. Browser shortkeys

Android 2.1 web browser has a smart multi-function button next to the address bar. While a page is loading it changed to ‘X’ to cancel the loading, but once the page is finished it turned into one of the historical marker and add a management tool. It is always there for you.

23. Android web history

Also, further speed up browsing by pressing the Return key – this is your shortcut to your internet history. Ideal for navigating the complex browsing session – and also saves unnecessary reloading.

24. Use the browser tab

Android default browser offers tabbed browsing, it did not do a very good job of advertising it. Long-pressing the URL lets you open a web link in a new tab – you then switch tabs by pressing the Menu and select the Windows option. Not a user-friendly system, but it works. Just remember that on the desktop automatically stops may close all tabs in the middle-weight sessions.

25. Some Gmail account on Android

Android 2.1 adds support for multiple Gmail accounts. Add a new Internet identity to your phone by opening the Gmail application, then press Menu> Accounts> Add Account. Then remember who you’re pretending.

android 50 Tips and Trick Smartphone Android

26. menon-aktifkan/mematikan auto-Google

If you phone a bit on the entry level side of things, a Google search will be accelerated significantly by turning off the suggestion feature web. After Google constantly guessing what would you type nice, but can bring old cell phones rattling stopped. Disable this feature by heading to Settings> Search> Google Search Settings.

27. Add hotline to the Home screen Android

If there is one person you tend to call more than most – his wife, board member or parole officer – make it easy on yourself by adding a shortcut dial directly to the Home screen. Long-press in the background, then select Shortcuts then directly Dial – to add a modern equivalent of a big red phone to your Home page that directly call the number one without messing around with Dialer or Contacts page.

28. Add a hotline for Techradar

You can do the above with a Web page, too. For a long-press on the web bookmark when in the browser, and you will be given the option to ‘Add Shortcut to the Future’ – which indeed would drop the icon into your Home screen that instantly launches the browser and start loading your favorite sites.

29. Shortcut music playlist

If you’ve setup your music playlist, it is also possible to add a shortcut to that on the Home screen in the same way. Beats fiddling with the music player.

30. Bypass the slide opens Android

You do not need to slide the screen locker to take your phone out of standby. A press the Menu button twice from the phone you will also get up to the top, as long as a manufacturer you have not removed that feature from the skin.

31. Confirmed deletion

Pressing Menu while in Gallery lets you turn off the deletion confirmation dialog, which can shave seconds is still much time management of your photos.

32. Alternative text fields

If you are a little grammar fetishist, the stock Android keyboard can help. Hold the key to display the floating text field an alternative to the letter, with all the special characters needed to accurately transmit an SMS message to the people of France and Germany appear.

33. Android emoticions

The upper end of the keyboard also works with the selection of Android on a smiley face, with a long tap-on smileys attract even more. Although there is still not quite sad / depressed for our liking.

34. ‘What I meant was …’

And if you’re too old to know what all this actually means a smiley face, press Menu and then Insert Smiley on the keyboard while Android – the sense that they all are well described for the grandfather.

35. Changes in auto-correct Android

If you experience problems with the keyboard auto-correction or Android did not like the words complement and take advantage of its own, the options can be changed in the Settings> Language and Keyboard> Keyboard Android.

36. Install the Android file manager

Lack of means to properly manage the files on Android 2.1 is quite strange. Sure, you can delete photos and music from within their applications, but you must be one of many file manager for the Android Market to remove the mass in comfort, style PC. Astro is one, good to start with free.

37. Android you manage the battery

Track the occasional rogue app is important when it comes to making sure you have enough battery for the odd occasions when you really might need to make phone calls. Data collected by your phone and stored under Settings> About Phone> using the battery will tell you if one of your applications stay and hammering your battery, letting you do the human thing and delete it.

38. Set the keyboard, the keyboard

Another feature that is rather vague, this. Long-pressing the 123 button on the keyboard displays the standard Android keyboard settings page, where you can switch the keyboard (if you have any questions installed) and fiddle with the settings quickly.

39. STOP

Also, further speed up typing by pressing the space bar twice – it automatically inserts the full-stop.

40. ‘Never heard of him’

If you need to delete all mention the ex-partner from your phone, the dictionary can be edited – go to Settings> Language and Keyboard> User Dictionary to clean up the history of your typing.

41. Talk to the Queen of England

If you are tired of Navigation Maps accent sounds weird, there’s a British variant – going to Menu> Settings> Text to Speech> and check the box to use your own settings. Now you can have English accents. Far better to navigation M25.

42. Delete Android apps

If you run out of internal memory space, your application can be sorted by size – large and binned to make room. Head to the Application Settings> Manage> Applications and press Menu to filter them using the memory.

43. Activate the speakerphone

This is not user-friendly specialty should press the Menu button while making a call, but you if you do you can choose the option speakerphone – plus other calling features.

44. Delete entire thread

If you have an SMS conversation nights you’d rather forget, long-pressing on a thread from the front screen Messaging app that lets you delete the entire thing in one go. It would be like it never happened.

45. Create your own wallpaper

You do not have to stick with the default Android collection from the 1990’s the company’s image – any image can be used as your desktop image. And you’re even allowed to plant it, so it rolls well with the desktop. For a long-press on the Home screen and then select Wallpaper Pictures to use a pic taken before you.

46. Android apps are the latest list

Pressing the Home button displays the Android equivalent of the most recently used list of your application. It beats paging through the phone, if you just stop something by mistake.

47. Loss of luxury goods is not important

Your phone calls and save a tiny amount of battery life with fancy animations binning. You can change it back again when you have to impress iPhone users. Find toggles under Settings> Sound and Display> Animation.

48. Built-in task killer Android

Android killer features its own small task, but very, very well hidden. Close the application manually by opening the Applications Settings>> Manage Applications then pressing Menu – and filter the results by running the application. If you can be bothered with all that, you can force close any running.

49. Lock your phone

Setting the pattern of opening to add a small layer of additional security to your phone – just remember to wipe the tell-tale finger smears off the screen.

50. The screen remains on when charging

It is often useful to have the screen stay on all the time, especially if you tend to charge your phone overnight and use one of the luxury application turns your phone into a good radio and 1980’s hours. Go to the Application Settings>> Development and send the display to remain lit while charging. But do not tell your friends your environment via an electric burn like this.

android2 50 Tips and Trick Smartphone Android


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