5 Tips Tricks Easy for New Users Ipad or Iphone

iphone 4s 31 5 Tips Tricks Easy for New Users Ipad or IphoneVarious products with advanced technology derived from a variety of leading companies such as iPhones / iPad from Apple, the Galaxy range from Samsung Nexus terakbar and other products may be the greatest gift to you, but at the same time confused with sophistication.

For those of you who are new to Apple products both iPhone and iPad users may be a bit confused with the features provided by the Apple operating system (IOS) for IOS currently provides some of the hidden bonus features that are not visible to the user. Here are five easy trick to use the features provided by the Apple iPad tablet or smartphone on the iPhone:

  • App Switcher

Apple’s App Switcher provides initially through iOS4 as a feature to create shortcuts to Safari. If you have been using Safari lately, you just have to do twice the beats (double tap) on the Home button to open the App Switcher. The first page of this feature will show you some of your favorite applications you use most frequently. With the shift to the right, you will find an application that has been used previously.

  • Closing the faulty application through the App Switcher

Users gadget will likely face some events that are less wear. One is freezing (a kind of “hang”) when the application is running. To overcome this, many people who resets the device. But actually there is another way to do. You only need to homescreen, then made two beats (press twice) to get to the App Switcher. Find the application icon will shut down and tap your finger on the icon for one or two seconds. Then press the ‘-‘ to close it. Then open the application again through the homescreen if you still want to wear it.

App Switcher iphone 1 5 Tips Tricks Easy for New Users Ipad or Iphone


  • App Switcher hidden button

Through the App Switcher, you can go to the type of bonus page with just one click. For iPhone, the benefit is you can lock the screen orientation as well as doing play / pause / back / skip tracks when you listen to music. As for the iPad, all the above activities can be done include adjusting volume and screen brightness. To use it, you just need to do the following: do two times a knock on the home button to go to the App Switcher, then shifted to the right starting from the first page.

iphone 2 5 Tips Tricks Easy for New Users Ipad or Iphone

  • Notification Center

It is one thing that does not have to be determined by Apple. Starting from the IOS 5, IOS began to provide a list of last notice you received so you can easily towards the application of your interest. To reduce the notification box, easily pulled down from the top of the screen. Will appear in the final text (that you have not read), the entire message and some configuration widgets (weather, stocks, etc.). You can see this box in the Settings> Notification.

Notification Center iphone 6 5 Tips Tricks Easy for New Users Ipad or Iphone


  • Camera Shortcut

One of the more powerful features provided by Apple through IOS 5 for photo enthusiasts to record important events in his life quickly. You can access the camera through a locked screen by doing a double tap the home button. Control the music icon will appear at the top and the appropriate camera icon next to the open bar. Tap on the icon, then you can immediately start the camera. (Note: this only seems to apply to iPhones and iPod Touches, but can not run on the iPad).

button Camera Shortcut 5 Tips Tricks Easy for New Users Ipad or Iphone


Bonus tricks for users of the iPhone or iPad:

  • To do a screenshot on each application, you only need to press the home button and power for about one second. Photos will be directly deposited in your camera roll. Pressing the button too long will cause the device was reset.
  • For almost every application, you may scroll up a very long page simply by tapping the status bar (there is a clock line).
  • Use iCloud. It’s very important to backup all your personal content including photos and contacts.


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