5 Great New Features of Android 4.2

5 Great New Features of Android 4 2 5 Great New Features of Android 4.2Google has launched a minor version of Android 4, which is Android 4.2. In Android 4.2 we will get a lot of improvement, especially for tablets. Some time ago, Google also recently released Google Nexus 4 for mobile and Nexus 10 for the tablet where the default OS is Android 4.2. For users of the old version of Android can immediately update to Android 4.2 (if device supports).

How to update Android quite easy. That is, go to Settings> About Phone> Software Update.

What are the new features of the latest version of Android? Let’s look at the new features of interest in Android 4.2.

Multiple User Accounts

Now not only your computer has multiple user accounts, but Android tablet also has support for multiple user accounts. With features multiple user accounts, one tablet in your home can be used by all members of the family with their own accounts. With this, they can have a home screen background, applications and widgets of their choice. Even the ploy scores between separate user accounts. This feature is only available on tablet devices.


Photo Sphere Mode

Android 4.2 brings photo mode adds the ability for your camera. This mode allows you to take photos with the direction up, down, right and left. You can not only take pictures with 360 degree angle of view. In addition, you can share your photo albums to Google+. Previously, some Android users are using third-party applications such as Photaf Panorama Wondershare, but now the Android 4.2 smartphone is available with the panaroma camera.


Watching Video on Big Screen

Android 4.2 Allows you to share movies or anything on TV that has HDMI using wireless display adapter. With this feature you can watch your favorite movies on a bigger screen. You can use the Cavium, wireless display adapter Miracast or other similar adapters for better output.


Gesture Recognition Keyboard

Gesture recognition is now very cool Android keyboard, it is similar to the Swype input method, simply move your finger on the button and lift your finger after you finish typing the word. Keyboard application also can show the next word to make it easier to type.


Notice The Increase

Notice has been improved and can now display all notifications in one place. You’ll get a notification for an event or meeting you along with actions you can take to any job.


Faster and Smoother than ever before

Not only on Android version 4.2 but in version 4 or Jelly Bean was already fast performance and smooth, compared to the previous Android versions.


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