5 Free Applications for April Fools

free aplications for April Fools 5 Free Applications for April FoolsFor some people may be familiar with the celebration of April Fool’s Day. In the event that falls on the 1st of April, a lot of people to surprise a friend or relative. But not a gift, but silly things or surprises. In fact, sometimes false news, which of course is still in the context of a joke.

Obtained from several sources there are some applications that can be used to enliven the show April Fool’s Day. Applications that run on the Android platform and IOS. of the application is smart, silly and childish, which can make a fun joke to your friends and family.

aplications for April Fools 5 Free Applications for April Fools

Here is a list of five fun and interactive applications that you can use for free April Fools event:

  • Solar Charger (Free)

To show that you can get a mobile phone charger from the sun. However, only a sham.


  • April Fools Ideas (free)

This application provides at least 70 pieces of ideas for the April Fools joke.


  • Animal Translator (free)

When you use it, it looks like your cell phone can translate our language into the language of animals. In short we can say that we can understand the language of animals.


  • Ghost Detector (free)

This application can detect the presence of ghosts. Android smartphone screen will display the point where the ghosts are all around you.


  • Do not Touch My Droid! (free)

Applications that can provide a warning not to carelessly holding our smartphones.


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