5 Additional Tools to Maximize Your iPhone

5 Additional Tools for iPhone 5 Additional Tools to Maximize Your iPhoneIPhone popularity also led to rapid development of various industrial accessories to complement this smartphone from Apple. Starting from the cases and products that can increase battery life, up to a device that can connect a musical instrument.

Here are 5 additional tools (accessories) best for your iphone, such as from IK MultimediaParrotDeximMophie,  and   Optoma. Certainly useful for owners of iPhone smartphone.

Guitar adapter IRIG from Amplitude

Cool guitars, cool iPhone. More cool again if they are combined with IRIG connector Amplitue creations. Equipped with an application that can let you use the main features such as tuner guitar, pedalboard, amp head, cabinet, microphone, and four-track recorder. And you still can connect headphones measure 3.5 mm in IRIG to pamper your ears.

adaptor gitar irig from amplitude 5 Additional Tools to Maximize Your iPhone

Parrot Minikit Smart

Parrot Minikit Smart is to “grip” the iPhone and can be used in cars for navigation and also comes with a car charger to restore the power that is widely used when navigating.

Existing Bluetooth connection lets you stay can answer voice calls and also help you when you call someone without the need to shift your gaze from the road.

parrot minikit smart 5 Additional Tools to Maximize Your iPhone

Dexim AppSpeed ??Controlled Monster Trucks Gyro

iPhone is not a toy! Unless you’re using it to control a small truck like this. AppSpeed ??application of the monster truck Dexim uses plug-in dongle that turns your iPhone into a remote control.

dexim appspeed gyro controlled monster truck 5 Additional Tools to Maximize Your iPhone

Optoma 301+ Pico Projector

Projector from Optoma Pico + 301 may be connected with your iPhone to display your smartphone data or content in a broad.

casing iphone dari mophie juice pack air 5 Additional Tools to Maximize Your iPhone

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone Cases

Most cases show the beauty, the other is toughness. in addition to functioning as an iphone cases, extra batteries are available are contained in the casing is also useful to increase the use of the iPhone, especially when you play Angry Bird on the way or being in public places.

Also good to help the resistance when you use the iPhone as a tethering device, and be able to provide internet access to your PC or laptop desk.

Please select an additional tool for iPhone suit your needs..


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