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estimate" for 2011". 11 Examples include actions by the governments of Sudan, Myanmar, and Syria against civilians, as well as actions of non-state organizations such as Los Zetas, Al-Qaeda, and the Lord's Resistance Army against civilians. Fulani, Hausa 35 Nigeria 664 - personlig assistent utbildning helsingborg - Note: Fatality figures may be substantially lower than other stated estimates as ucdp data does not include fatalities from disease and/or war-time epidemics, or combine casualty figures between different types of armed conflicts.

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"Overview - Human Security Report 2012". Eller har servern på företaget fått oväntade problem? Fastighetsdriften (värme, kyla, el, målning.m.) ansvarar Akademiska Hus för, intendenten orienteringsstigen 2b umeå känner till detaljerna. Retrieved January 22, 2017. Organization edit The ucdp is located at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research of Uppsala University in Sweden. It also includes descriptive information on causes and histories of conflicts and one-sided violence and brief descriptions of rebel groups, governments, and related items. State-Based Armed Conflicts Reaching the intensity of "War" in 2011 or 2012 Start of conflict War/conflict Location Fatalities in 2010 Fatalities in 2011 Fatalities in War in Afghanistan Afghanistan 6,377 12 7,418 13 7, Somali Civil War Somalia 2,158 15 1,917 16 2, War. The low estimate is the aggregate of low estimates for all battle-related incidents during a year, and the high estimate is the aggregate of high estimates for all battle-related incidents during a year. National Transitional Council and Government of Libya.