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Filter Connect, the new feature will open up what Darren Wallington, Openreach GM of high bandwidth and passive services, described as virtual dark fibre, or grey fibre to CSPs. The UK's main fibre broadband providers have invested a lot in their networks over recent years, and this work is ongoing. BT and Virgin Media are set to try and squeeze even more speed from their existing infrastructure.

A minority of customers may even find that fttc speeds are slower than standard broadband, or even too slow to offer the service at all. Which brings us to the next point. So it has an interest in keeping the various providers informed about its fibre roll-out. What are the downsides? Find out when Virgin Media is coming to your area. Where can I get it? Most broadband providers use Openreachs network. As mentioned earlier, there are two large fibre broadband networks in Britain: Virgin Media and the Openreach network.

Some offer better equipment, while some stockholms universitet Business school ranking Financial times are cheaper or bundle more extras in their packages. Their networks are growing daily with Hyperoptic especially expanding their coverage into new buildings and new cities every month. Virgin Media has different priorities when it comes to publicising its fibre strategy. Sky and TalkTalk recently entered into a joint venture with CityFibre to build the first city-wide ftth network, in York. Standard broadband averages 10Mbps for downloads. Most of the remaining larger suppliers offer fttc via the Openreach network. The, openreach website has a page dedicated to revealing its fibre roll-out plans. The same will apply if the cable needs to cross a neighbour's property. Compare cheap fibre broadband deals, fibre is the fastest broadband available. In my opinion the people who have replied so far aren't going to see a further change. On the other hand, the speeds available from BT, Sky and other providers on Openreach are still fast, especially in their top-end packages.