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sur le prise de Namur (1695 some lines on William's escape from assassination in 1696; and a brief piece called The Secretary. The book pretended to be derived from Prior's papers, but it is doubtful how far it should be regarded as authentic. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject's importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. 5 The poet's knowledge of French is specially mentioned among his qualifications, and this was recognized by his being sent in the following year to Paris in attendance on the English ambassador. Horace, and set him to translate an ode.

Horace is always in his mind, and his song and his philosophy, his good sense, his happy easy turns and melody, his loves and his Epicureanism, bear a great resemblance to that most delightful and accomplished master." Wittenham Clumps in Oxfordshire is said. Nonconformist joiner at, wimborne Minster, East, dorset. After his return from France Prior became under-secretary of state and succeeded John Locke as a commissioner of trade. Perhaps in consequence of this for nine years there is no mention of his name in connection with any public transaction. The sum received for this volume (4000 guineas with a present of 4000 from Lord Harley, enabled him to live in comfort; but he did not long survive his enforced retirement from public life, although he bore his ups and downs with rare equanimity. A History of his Own Time was issued by J Bancks in 1740.

He did so well that the Earl offered to contribute to the continuation of his education. But Alma, an admitted imitation of Samuel Butler, is a delightful piece of wayward easy humour, full of witty turns and well-remembered allusions, and Prior's mastery of the octo-syllabic couplet is greater than that of Jonathan Swift or Pope. Apparently he acted as one of the King's secretaries, and in 1697 he was secretary to the plenipotentiaries who concluded the Peace of Ryswick. The majority of his love songs are frigid and academic, mere wax-flowers of Parnassus ; but in familiar or playful efforts, of which the type are the admirable lines To a Child of Quality, he has still no rival. 4, in collaboration with Montagu he wrote in 1687 the.