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Norway. Category : Cabins, Modern Cabins, modern design, Small Modern and Minimalist Houses, studio sleeping loft, Tiny Houses, tags : concrete, flat roof, Lund Hagem, Nordic, Norway, Scandinavia. Lund Hagem designed the tiny cabin to fit between the boulders lund taxi nummer and wind-gnarled trees, tucking it against a rock bluff where it is half-hidden by a thicket of vegetation. Ivar Kvaal, courtesy of, lund Hagem. While the view from inside the cabin is framed by boulders and vegetation, the rooftop has a panoramic view of the fjord. When it is too windy to enjoy the view, a patio with fireplace behind the cabin provides an alternative outdoor space enclosed by the surrounding rock and the cabin itself. Text copyright 2016, smallHouseBliss. The approach path to the cabin squeezes through a narrow gap between the rock face and a glass wall. Entry path sleeping loft, photographs by Kim Müller and. There is also a partial basement which we guess is just used for utilities and storage, as the site was previously occupied by two small storage sheds. There isnt a kitchen as the cabin was designed to provide additional accommodation at the vacation cottage shared by an extended family.

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Join 8,629 other followers, click a thumbnail to view a larger photo, then click on the photo to advance to the next one. The cabin has approximately 30 m2 (323 ft2) of inside floor space with a combination living and dining room, a bathroom, and an oak sleeping loft suspended from the ceiling by steel rods. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Cabin Knapphullet (buttonhole) is constructed somewhat like a bridge, with one end of the reinforced concrete roof resting on the bluff and the other end angling down to meet the ground. As the walls dont need to hold up the roof, they could be fully glazed. Others would have been tempted to open up the site by clearing the bushes and blasting away some of the rock. However there is a wheeled cart stowed under the loft that looks like it is used for preparing light meals and snacks. Rocky topography helps shelter this small modern cabin on a fjord in southeast Norway. Others would have been tempted to open up the site by clearing the. Besöksadress, frescati Hagväg 16B, 20 24, Frescati, Stockholms univsersitet.

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