4 Steps Get Your Android Lost

fractured android 150 c91efeb8fd83efc31 4 Steps Get Your Android LostOne of the ‘disaster’ in the use of mobile phones is the biggest loss of the mobile phone itself. Understandably, with designs that now appear more compact and tend to be mild, making this mobile console is often easily left behind somewhere, but of course also easy to steal.

Well, if you are a person who cares about the ‘safety’ of the Green Robot, should begin now to prepare for moments when one day something happens, there is great hope for the Android phone back into the hands of your pet. Please consider the following tips:

  • Setting Contact Owner infromation.

Like the umbrella ready before it rains, the Android phone, and some smartphone owners generally have information, which when phone is on or being in charge, will appear owner’s identity information. On this information, please write your name, email address, even your phone number.

This strategy seemed quite powerful when your phone behind somewhere, and of course your phone in a ‘hand’ well-intentioned people to return. Sometimes some people intend to restore the lost phone, but had difficulty contacting the owners phone back.

  • Download the application wheres’s My Droid.

Indeed this application is similar to the phone tracking applications lost in the Symbian OS and Windows Mobile. But it could not hurt to install this application, after all free too. Please note, this application runs using GPS services, then the GPS settings must be in a position to actively continue the phone, and certainly this pattern makes Android so much wasteful batteries.

  • Download Lookout Security & Antivirus.

While your phone secure from virus attacks, use this application for early protection when you are gone, and Android slim hopes of a return. These applications have the ability to lock the phone remotely. Remarkably, despite relying on GPS services, the ability of these applications remain way walaufasilitas GPS is turned off. Other capabilities, this application has an alarm, phone locater, and have the ability to auto backup data. With all his skill, this application was named the 10 best free apps from the site TechCrunch.com.

  • Download Plan B.

Plan B also can be quite efficacious alternative solution. Download Plan B on the Android Market. Once installed on the phone, open your Gmail. After that this application will send the final location of your current phone. If there is no incoming email, try sending an SMS with the content to locate your lost phone numbers. When email is received, and information has not changed its position, chances are that’s where the location of your phone. Next click on “get directions” to find out details of its location via Google Maps. Oh yes, this application is also free you know…


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