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your gin to have a bit of a kick in your drink. We came to atlas to try its new menu, but first, lets talk drinks. But I would doubt if they are allowed in the first place. Many of the dishes go well with a drink in hand, so consider getting some mains to elevate your experience at this grand bar. Smoky Beef Puffs (18) which come with a tiny mountain of pickled mustard seeds on top of each roll. I don't think it's the sort of place to take children and I think they will be frowned upon if they are loud and run around, you would probably be asked to leave pretty quickly. Th e atlas Martini (24). Surprisingly, the texture of the sauce was light and thankfully not jelak. Make no mistake, sugar doesnt transport stockholm luleå make this gin a ladies-only drink. The stracciatella cheese was deliciously light and moist, perfect for eating with the crusty bread.

Served with sweet green peas, salmon mousse, tiny puff pastries, and a celery jelly that resembled a mosquito coil, I was slightly apprehensive at first. Crepes Mille-Feuille (18) Warm Madeleines (18) For more classic English desserts, go for either the Crepes Mille-Feuille (18) or the Warm Madeleines (18). Do not miss the tartare if youre going to order a cold main. Expected damage: 50 200 per pax, 20 30 per drink (excluding rare collectibles) atlas: Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188778 Opening Hours: (Mon to Thu) 10am 1am, (Fri) 10am 2am, (Sat) 3pm 12am, Closed on Sundays Tel: Website Featured: 10 Eateries To Order From. This small seafood platter comes with big flavours. The fresh and juicy tomatoes were hearty and mildly sour, helping me refresh my palate with every bite. But of course, atlas is a lot more than just gin; there are also lovely desserts and good fine dining mains. Even if they are well behaved it's not the sort of place they would be welcomed by the clientele let alone the staff.

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The corn dogs were not crispy at all, sadly, but the lamb spiced with juniper berries and other herbs were very fragrant and really made up for. Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom Gin (24 a classic gin that has been aged with caramelised Caribbean brown sugar. . I enjoyed this dish particularly because of the comforting local flavours that it boasts, and its a must-order if you enjoy seafood. The former comes with ice cream, tapioca, and pineapple chunks in a pineapple husk, and the latter has strong notes of mandarin orange that is balanced with white chocolate and raspberries. You can select whatever gin you want from the atlas collection, and it will be paired with a Burma Tonic that was deliciously fizzy with just the right amount of sweetness. With incredibly high ceilings, lavish golden decor, and a gigantic tower that is stocked with over a thousand types of gin, its hard not look twice at this gorgeous place. Every Singaporean who enjoys gin needs to visit atlas at least once in their lives.

Atlas bar singapore bokning
atlas bar singapore bokning

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