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Helsingborg from Kärnan See also edit References edit. (1989) Strategic Geography Routledge. Helsingborg waterfront The northern harbour for yachts in Helsingborg The Helsingborg city hall Steps leading to Kärnan, central Helsingborg, close by the water front. Place in Scania, Sweden, helsingborg (Swedish pronunciation: hlsbrj ; spelled. Get to know Dacia. Isbn a b "CyberCity / Helsingborg / Befolkning". The northern narrow inlet to Øresund with its relatively high coastlines made an impression on many mariners, and when Kronborg was rebuilt from a fortress to a palace during the Renaissance, the area became famous. It took a long time to recover; even in 1770 the city had only 1,321 inhabitants and was still growing slowly. 5 This was one of the main sources of income for the Danish Crown. Du kan invända mot behandling av dina personuppgifter, utan att ange dina skäl för detta, när det gäller invändning mot att motta direktmarknadsföring, och baserat på skäl som relaterar till din specifika situation i andra fall än invändningar mot direktmarknadsföring.

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Ikea, the retailer of furniture and home interiors, has its international corporate headquarters in Helsingborg. Denmark, with the Danish city, helsingør clearly visible on the other side of the Øresund about 4 km (2 mi) to the west, closer than to the city's own remoter areas. Three bästa veganska pizzan stockholm ferry companies take people and cargo to and from Denmark around the clock. Evidence of this is William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, which unfolds at Kronborg; the titular Prince of Denmark may well have hidden himself from his uncle in Helsingborg. They can be inspected in the article Scania including sources from SCB The mentioned Scanian part together with Danish province "Nordsjælland" (North Zealand figures for this Danish province are available at px (areas) and at px (population of province Nordsjælland below the population pyramide "Helsingborgs.