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second as the perfect speed. A microchip on the bottom of each plate tells us when the sushi has been in rotation for 90 minutes, at which point it is removed. Sushi, go Round: All about conveyor tantra massage stockholm belt sushi, kaiten sushi means sushi go round and yes, its just as fun as it sounds with sushi on a conveyor belt that brings different varieties all around the restaurant for you to grab and enjoy instantly. Kaiten sushi was invented by Japanese restaurant owner Yoshiaki Shiraishi in order to make his restaurant more efficient. It brings new meaning to the concept of on demand with you being able to just grab whatever looks good to you. I just wish I would have had the opportunity to put my camera on one of the empty spots and let that travel with the belt.

sushi yama kaiten stockholm

It was a way of serving more customers quickly and efficiently, and was inspired by a trip to a brewery where he saw beer getting bottled. This is great for people who show up hungry and dont want to wait. We also color-code the plates to keep track of prices, which range from just.50. Utöver Sushi Yamas fullständiga meny finns här även andra utvalda rätter. The 1970s saw a huge boom in popularity for conveyor belt sushi dining after Shiraishis concept debuted at the Osaka World Expo.

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It's pretty fun just being able to pick your food as it's passing by on a magnetic conveyor belt. If you haven't been. An Instagram-worthy restaurant experience thats also delicious! Another will be on the way shortly, thats the beauty of conveyor belt sushi. Not only was it more efficient, but it was a fun way to eat that blew peoples minds. He opened his first sushi conveyor belt restaurant, Mawaru Genroku, sushi, in Osaka in 1958. If it was too fast, customers wouldnt have time to select what they wanted.

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