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means by which information is exchanged with a device. These functions are provided so as to avoid unnecessarily passing data back and forth to and from a token. 2002. Calling C_DestroyObject on such objects will result in the CKR_action_prohibited error code. CKA_encoding_methods RFC 2279 string String indicating supported content transfer encoding methods, as defined by iana ( www. Hamilton, Individual Thomas Hardjono,.I.T. Use in this case means a cryptographic operation such as sign or decrypt.

Depending on the token, when the last open session any application has with the token is closed, the token may be ejected from its reader (if this capability exists). 4.1.2 Modifying objects Objects may be modified with the Cryptoki function C_SetAttributeValue (see Section.7). . Since the type of key or domain parameters to be generated is implicit in the generation mechanism, the template does not need to supply a key type. . Return values: CKR_arguments_BAD, CKR_cryptoki_NOT_initialized, CKR_device_error, CKR_device_memory, CKR_device_removed, CKR_function_failed, CKR_general_error, CKR_host_memory, CKR_OK, CKR_operation_NOT_initialized, CKR_session_closed, CKR_session_handle_invalid.

This is a legacy error codein Cryptoki Version.01 and up, no token supports parallel sessions. . HSession is the sessions handle; pEncryptedData points to the encrypted data; ulEncryptedDataLen is the length of the encrypted data; pData points to the location that receives the recovered data; pulDataLen points to the location that holds the length of the recovered data. It is defined as follows: typedef CK_callback_function(CK_RV, CK_destroymutex CK_void_PTR pMutex The argument to a CK_destroymutex function is a pointer to the mutex object to be destroyed. . It is defined as follows: typedef struct CK_mechanism CK_mechanism_type mechanism; CK_void_PTR pParameter; CK_ulong ulParameterLen; CK_mechanism; The fields of the structure have the following meanings: mechanism the type of mechanism pParameter pointer to the parameter if required by the mechanism ulParameterLen length in bytes of the. To modify the current users PIN on a token with such a protected authentication path, the pOldPin and pNewPin parameters to C_SetPIN should be null_PTR. . The pReserved parameter is reserved for future versions; for this version, it should be set to null_PTR (if C_Finalize is called with a non-null_PTR value for pReserved, it should return the value CKR_arguments_BAD.