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no UV light or harmful primers. Add your review, comment, or correction other areas Beijing Lala Salon Union Plaza Bld in a western restaurant on 1/F, Chao Yang Men area, Utopia Map Nearest subway stop is Chao Yang Men Station. Utopia (German science fiction), several science fiction series published by Erich Pabel Verlag. Quality here is good, but some nights are better than others. Add your review, comment, or correction Two Cities utopia verified APR 2018, utopia visited MAY 2013 46 Fangjia Hutong, Dongcheng Qu, Utopia Map Run by two gay friends from Taiwan. They serve only real, brand alcohol. A good, quiet spot for talking with friends. Mostly young Chinese patrons, but owner says he wants an international crowd, so men from everywhere are welcome. Todd Rundgren as part of the Bearsville Records complex, this studio has been responsible for hit albums and groundbreaking music videos. Good for new comers to get to know people.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from, utopia (rock band) jump to navigation, jump to search. Turn left at the Sudan sign. Take the grotty stairway up to the entrance. Some women come to dance. You are likely to be the only westerner here. Utopia was home to the creation of some of the first MTV videos, including Rundgrens 1981 hit. Otherwise, as throughout China, there is no tipping required. Lala (lesbian) event every Sat afternoon from 2-6pm. Friendly space for chatting, sharing and support. Different topics for discussion and film showing each week. Since 1999, the Utopia Soundstage has been operated by worldrenowned independent radio station Radio Woodstock 100.1 wdst which has welcomed many internationally recognized and touring artists to grace the Utopia stage for live broadcast performances, interviews and video shoots, including.

Gay and lesbian-friendly club busiest on weekends after midnight. Some reports about weak drinks or fake alcohol. Special thanks to bebek, tobor2k, leeliboi, tscdlover, travelight, Vietin, davidhunghk, wally4, samandjet, thierrym, garybucks, labello27, ecyc02, marcelproust, airbus777, Demand, stepup16, dutchy, Loneranger, InDeeper, TAO, James, Ned, beijingguy, songtangay, singslave, h2008bj, wideyeshut, zensuke, HappyFella, Coolmeiguore, Conrad, Lyndon., Nestor, Darren, Christoph, David, geek_boy75, Nestor, Maquis, Steven. After-show revelers are often seen adjourning to the reasonably-priced hotel rooms upstairs. Over the years, the Utopia Soundstage has been used for recording and rehearsal purposes. Add your review, comment, or correction Long Jing utopia verified APR 2018, utopia visited MAY 2017 Bld 22, Courtyard 4, Gongti Bei Lu (just next to Pop-Up shop and bar Chaoyang Dist, Utopia Map 4 Upscale, modern tea room and bar that hosts Glam (Good-looking. Please help us keep these listings current and correct. The drag review starts about 10pm and lasts for at least a couple of hours.