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120 credits Forensic Science, 120 credits Global Health, 120 credits Infection Biology, 120 credits Medical Nuclide Techniques, 120 credits Medical Research, 120 credits Molecular Medicine, 120 credits Pharmaceutical Modelling, 120 credits Humanities and Social Sciences Accounting and Financial Management, 120 credits. Global Environmental History, 120 credits Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 120 credits Humanitarian Action and Conflict, 60 credits Humanities, 120 credits, specialisations: Aesthetics - New! We are interested in understanding how genomes diverge as populations and species differentiate, and we also study how mutation, selection and recombination mould DNA sequence evolution. . Finally, we have a long-term interest in conservation genetics that translates into providing management agencies with genetic based monitoring service but also involves basic genomic studies of inbreeding. Hanna Johanesson, Dean of Biology. Biology is a scientific discipline of fundamental importance to our understanding of life and nature, and is the basis for a range of issues of central importance to humans, spanning from securing a sustainable environment, to the development of drugs. The application period for Master's programmes commencing 2 September 2019 will open on 16 October and close on All programmes are taught in English. Sustainable Destination Development, 120 credits - Campus Gotland!

We welcome you as a visitor, collaborator, student, or member of our faculty and staff. Chemistry, 120 credits, specialisations: Analytical Chemistry, bio and Nano Materials, biochemistry. The education of bachelor and master students is at the, european top level. Computer Science, 120 credits, specialisations: Computer Science, concurrency and Parallel Programming, sino-Swedish Master, Computer Science - Software Engineering.

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Earth Science, 120 credits, specialisations: European Palaeobiology Specialisation (Uppsala-Lille geology, hydrology/Hydrogeology, palaeobiology. Chemical Biology, chemistry for Renewable Energy, eACH - Excellence in Analytic Chemistry. The biology section of Uppsala University includes world leading research and PhD student programs. Science and Technology, applied Biotechnology, 120 credits, bioinformatics, 120 credits, specialisations: Biology Background. Nabis - Nordic Master in Biodiversity and Systematics. Biomedical Centre (BMC), a facility shared with departments from the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, and at the. Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), which also hosts the, museum of Evolution and a dedicated department of, biological Education. . Embedded Systems, 120 credits, energy Technology, 120 credits - New! Sustainable Development, 120 credits Wind Power Project Management, one year, 60 credits - Campus Gotland! Wind Power Project Management, two years, 120 credits - Campus Gotland! An underlying theme of this research is the analysis of biodiversity and the evolution of genetic diversity. .