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the giant; and they had three sons: one was Odin, the second Vili, the third. Bellows, Henry Adams (1923). Archived at the Wayback Machine. Poetic Edda, and in the sixth chapter of the. References edit Brodeur, Arthur Gilchrist (transl.) (1916). Theories and interpretations edit The role of Borr in Norse mythology is unclear. Inguio has two brothers at his side, Iscio and Hermino, as Oinn has Vili and Ve; we should then see the reason why the names Tski (Tvisco,.e.

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Nineteenth-century German scholar Jacob Grimm proposed to equate Borr with Mannus as related in Tacitus ' Germania on the basis of the similarity in their functions in Germanic theogeny. Eddalaeren og dens oprindelse, Vol.

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This mountain chain is probably the Caucasus, called by the Persians Borz (the genitive of the Old Norse Borr ). Völuspá edit Original Text: 3 Ár Burs synir bjum umb ypu, eir er Migar mæran skpu. The Prose Edda by Snorri capus x umeå Sturluson. Borr was the husband. Tuisto ) and Mar ( Mannus ) are absent from the Edda, because Buri and Börr are their substitutes." Grimm (1883:349). For the Dacian tribe, see. Bestla, the father of, odin, Vili and Vé, and the grandfather of, thor, Baldr, Varr and. Lexikon der germanischen Mythologie. 9 The Konungsbk or Codex Regius MS of the Völuspá reads Brr ; the Hauksbk MS reads Borr.

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