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servers. added Greek and Dutch translation. Does not replace the function of plus and Gold-Club.

fixes trop info (need go to "settings"- "Information about the troops"- "scan help" and save). Added the ability to specify the server speed. Script partially supports all languages. The script focuses on a standard page layout and makes changes to some pages.

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Fixed position of icons at the activated plus and attack. As a result of the continuous optimization of the script with all its functionality is faster than many "light" scripts. removed support stena line travel group i helsingborg-se for older browsers. These are versions of this script where the code was. workaround for version T4 "Dinah". I have updated the script. Moved "show the name and the alliance of the attacker's" (?) in RP to the filter bar. It is invisible when it's not needed. But not do nothing that would not do a normal user.

Added support for the test server. Only improve the behavior of regular elements of the game. Look, if you still have problems. . On monitors with low resolution.