flyttstädning malmö västra hamnen

2001 which attracted worldwide attention, took place here in 2001. You can tell by the numerous building cranes. The neo-futurist twisted skyscraper Turning Torso by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, ready in 2005, has become an obvious landmark for the area, and the surrounding seaside promenade, skateboard park, beach bästa sushi göteborg and restaurants are attractive destinations for locals and visitors alike. Jonas Rying, rektor, nyheter från Vittra, eleverna inviger skolans nya mini-pingisbord.

Flyttstädning malmö västra hamnen
flyttstädning malmö västra hamnen

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More info ml, hotels in Malmö. Eon talar inte sanning. The area is also popular with many locals who come here for their Sunday strolls. Although the area is an office and residential district, it also has an eight-kilometre-long shoreline with bathing spots, green spaces and seafront esplanades. The goal is to create 10,000 apartments and 17,000 jobs. Turning Torso, with a height of 190m, Turning Torso is Västra Hamnens landmark and houses apartments and offices. Genom att hitta motivationen hos varje enskild individ kan de bade inspirera och stalla krav.

flyttstädning malmö västra hamnen

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